Artificial Intelligence Making Inroads in the Utility Sector

Artificial intelligence has erupted across markets, promising organizations the capability to transform and optimize the business. Defined, artificial intelligence is the “development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.”

One of the industries where artificial intelligence is making important inroads is the utility sector. Significant opportunities persist across the utility value chain. Use cases in customer operations, outage management, infrastructure and asset management, supply chain, and market operations (just to name a few) hold enormous potential for utilities.

At the recent UAI summit, experts from utilities shared how they have successfully enabled business success through the adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Didn’t make the summit? Check out highlight video here.

You can watch an on-demand webinar here that showcases a panel of industry experts discussing how their organizations are leveraging AI, and what potential they see in both short-term and long-term horizons.

Check out a great article and links to resources on AI here.

AI in Marketing

In the marketing world, artificial intelligence has become one of the favorite buzzwords. But is it just hype or beneficial new technology? There are challenges such as ad blockers, third-party cookie restrictions, GDPR and more. And there are undoubtedly great rewards if applied correctly. Real-time signals, speed, automation, and contextual targeting all work to the ultimate goal of making marketing both more effective and customer-centric.

See our recent post and article from the Harvard Business Review.

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